Working Out Loud

concept of working out loud and sharing work

how I plan to share my work for a passion project

The concept of working out loud isn’t new, and definitely not new if you are involved in the design and development of web based learning. I’m currently reading the book Show Your Work, The payoffs and how-to’s of working out loud by Jane Bozarth, a thought leader in the L&D space.

What is working out loud? To me, it is sharing what I am working on and not keeping it to myself which gets me help when I need it, faster, gets people informed so we are more productive when working together, and helps me break down some of the silos I see in my work with clients and client groups.

Keep in mind I’ve only just started this book, but in the spirit of working out loud and showing your work, I’ve also joined a six-week challenge hosted by my friend Cara and if you are interested in all the different projects by all the different participants, you can sign up here. It’s free – it only takes your time.

My goal for this six week challenge is different than most participants. Many are sharing assets and how-to’s, I’m looking to get knee deep into a development project I’ve been wanting to undertake for a few years now, but that I’ve never set aside the time for. Now, I’m doing it – I’m setting aside 4 hours a week to work on this. In the spirit of this working out loud opportunity and the push Cara has given to dedicate some time to something I want to do, I’ll be posting at least one weekly blog item, and also tweeting about what I’m doing. You can follow me on twitter – my handle is @jachutchinson and I’ll be using the hashtag #ID6WC (it stands for instructional design 6-week challenge).

If you are interested in learning bout working out loud, you can get her book at (no affiliate link – I make nothing by referring you to this resource).

I hope you will consider how working out load can help you!


5 Reasons to work with e-Learning Pros Instructional Design

As businesses seek opportunities to increase revenue and decrease costs one of the first places many companies look to cut is training and development. While not always the most effective cut to make, businesses should consider the effect training cuts have on customer service, retention or efficiency.   To accomplish more with less, you may want to consider your options, and one of those options could be to work with a trusted training partner like e-Learning Pros Instructional Design Inc.

To help you decide to work with us, here are 5 reasons you may consider outsourcing all, or a portion of, your current e-learning projects to the e-Learning Pros team.

Your staff are overworked, overwhelmed and in need of assistance.

Sound like your team? If this is the case, would you even know?
You have demands to meet. So do your staff. Building custom e-learning to meet your corporate and legislative requirements can be challenging. Ease the burden on your staff and outsource some of your course design and development. We’re here to help take the pressure off, and get your staff back to what they are really good.

You need an accessible solution and don’t know were to start.

We have AODA/ADA and web accessibility experts on our team ready to help you meet the needs of all employees, clients and prospects. With the requirements of web accessibility it is important to partner with a team that knows their stuff, and we’ve got you covered.

No time for staff to learn a new tool.

You purchased the latest tools and your staff don’t know how to use Articulate 360, Storyline, Lectora or Captivate. They are pushing back and deadlines are short. It’s not easy to have staff know the ins-and-outs of all the latest and greatest software, so take some of that stress away, letting a skilled team work on those titles/courses while your team does what they do best.

Micro-Learning, Gamification and AI, OH MY!

Buzz words and trends may not be what your team is focused on. Want a few micro-learning modules to provide performance support? Need some game-based ideas to engage your staff in a new course? Choose a team that knows how to deliver micro-learning and gamified solutions. AI is the next big thing, but it isn’t for every situation. Talk to us about your needs and we’ll work with you to see them come to life, but only if that truly is the best solution!

We at e-Learning Pros want your training to be a success (as much as you do!).

That’s right. When your courses are a success, e-Learning Pros is a success. Successful training and development programs can lead to performance improvements that make all the difference to you and your clients. Those successes are as important to us as they are to you.

When you need a helping hand, have too many deadlines and not enough bandwidth to go around, reach out. Talk to us and see how we can help you succeed.

Drop us an email at – we’d love to hear from you.

4 Best Practices to Become an Awesome SME

image of people at a desk collaborating

Do you know your job really well? Has anyone ever asked you for help? Have you been asked to document processes for new employees or transferred your hard-earned on-the-job knowledge to others?

If you answered “Yes” – you might be an SME. (more…)